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Signs of a model with poor mental health

One of the common problems that professional models face is mental health disorders. Many of them try to manage the effects that come with it alongside their career.

In this post, you will learn some of these signs so that you can seek more help or assist a model to get proper mental health treatment.

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Sleep problems

When you are unable to sleep the right way, it might be a sign of poor mental health. You may either struggle with sleeping too much or not getting much sleep.

Some researchers have opined that sleeping too much may suggest struggling with depression, while not getting enough sleep might be a sign of anxiety.  


Another way to know when someone is struggling with mental health disorders is when they prefer to remain isolated. Even though it may seem normal to crave your personal space, there’s still a part of us that yearns to be around people on some occasions.

However, if such a person has completely shut out all opportunities to be where people are, they might be having mental health problems.

Emotional outbursts

Having frequent mood changes is another warning sign of poor mental health. It is quite regular for people to have different moods, but when they are often dramatic or sudden, then something might be wrong with the individual’s mental health.

Feeling depressed

Any professional model who is struggling with depression may lack the needed drive to do their regular activities. They might lose motivation and interest, and you may find them teary-eyed from time to time.

Addiction problems

Many people with mental illnesses are also struggling with one form of addiction or the other. Some of them with a vibrant career path like modeling may have been forced to take a break because of the state of their health.

Getting help from the right treatment center is the first step to restoring your mental health to its optimal functioning capacity.

Addiction treatment tips for professional models

Professional models are among the most influential individuals in society. Due to the nature of their career, many people perceive them to be flawless and perfect.

However, many of them are facing silent battles that we are unaware of. One of these battles is addiction.

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Some professional models are struggling with different types of addiction, and they still manage to show up each time.  

The good part is, there are some addiction treatment tips that they can undergo to get their lives back on track.


Counseling is important for addiction treatment irrespective of the type or how severe it is. During counseling, a therapeutic alliance is formed between the counselor and the professional model. This makes it easier for the model to trust the counselor that they have their best interests at heart.

The counselor provides the model with optimal support that will boost their recovery in the long run.

Additionally, the counselor helps to establish a relapse prevention plan to help the model sustain their sobriety permanently.


If the model is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, then detoxification is an important treatment phase that they need to go through.

Detoxification is essential in eliminating the accumulation of unwanted addictive substances in the body. Some of these substances can cause unpleasant and dangerous physical symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective treatment tools because it is valuable in different addiction types.

With CBT, you can spot your unhealthy patterns, and identify addiction cravings and triggers. Also, CBT can be used with other therapeutic techniques to make your treatment holistic.


Treatment with medication can play a pivotal role when it is combined with some behavioral therapies. Some medications can reduce addiction cravings, and improve mood. Usually, the therapist recommends the right medications that will help fight off addiction in a healthy way.

If you are a professional model or you know someone struggling with any type of addiction, it is best to see a medical professional instead of fighting the battle silently. With the addiction treatment mentioned above, you can overcome your addiction.

Mental Health & Addiction

One’s mental health is of great importance as the toll of everyday life wears on each individual differently. As a result, a number of triggers – and/or factors – can cause one to feel overwhelmed, and/or led down a path of addiction. 

In fact, “Substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are closely linked, and while some substance abuse can cause prolonged psychotic reactions, one does not directly cause the other. However: Alcohol and drugs are often used to self-medicate the symptoms of mental health problems.”

Consequently, turning to substance abuse once when one begins to experience a high level of emotion can open up the door to addiction – and/or create an opportunity for it to latch on to that particular individual. Some of the most common ways that this takes place is through work stress, financial stress, and/or environmental stress, etc. 

Such factors can make it hard for the addict to get by because of what he/she has undergone mentally. One example of this can be seen if the person who is faced with addiction dislikes his/her career, and has been at a place where he/she feels miserable, overlooked, and/or something similar. This can then cause the person to crack mentally from the weight – and/or pressure – that he/she experiences each day while at work. 

Fortunately, one can be free from addiction when he/she seeks out the necessary and needed help. In doing so, he/she is able to regain control of his/her mental health with the aid of a medical professional – and/or even certain forms of therapy, among other treatment options. Here, the person can gain a better understanding as to why he/she feels the way he/she feels, and what the primary cause(s) of that might be. 

In conclusion, one does not have to be trapped in an addiction-filled life but can experience an addiction-free one instead, when he/she begins to seek help. Inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, support groups, and other such things are available based on the severity of the individual’s addiction, and to fit the individual’s schedule and lifestyle as well. This makes it a whole lot easier for the person to stick with his/her plan/goal and make a change to his/her overall health, without having to pull themselves completely away from the people – and/or family – that he/she loves the most. 


Models face all sorts of issues in their industry, and the need for counseling to be integrated into their structure is very important. For every modeling brand or team, it is important that there is a counseling unit to cater for the mental health needs of all the models under its care.

Due to the fact that models are in the eye of the public, you can correctly guess that much is expected from them. So, there would be lots of commendations and criticisms from their fans and critics alike.

For instance, a model could perform optimally today, and receive lots of praises from everyone. While him or she could perform below standard, and receive lots of harsh words from the public.

A good number of times, these words get to the models and it makes them anxious and depressed against their next performance. This is where the counselor comes into play. If there is no counselor, there is a likely chance that the model would resort to substance abuse to boost his or her confidence.

However, a counselor teaches you how to perform better without the use of any substance. If the model has been abusing either drugs or alcohol, it is still the responsibility of the counselor to make sure that the model gets back on track.

Also, a counselor is in the best position to offer words of encouragement and motivation to a model who is dejected. Certainly, the disposition of a model can never remain the same after a visit to a counselor. The reason for this is, counselors are highly trained professionals who are well versed in psychology.

So, they know the reason for all sorts of feelings, thoughts and emotions and they teach us how to manage them effectively.

Conclusively, the place of a counseling in the modeling industry should not be left void because it contributes largely to the short-term and long-term success of the models.


When it comes to the addiction process, it is no respecter of persons, and this applies to models.

Substance addiction is simply a condition whereby an individual is hooked on the intake of either drugs or alcohol, for the purpose of satisfying their pleasure. It is possible for an individual to be addicted to both alcohol and drugs at the same time.

It is unpleasant for a model to be addicted to substances but the fact is, most times they cannot help it. Due to the fact that models are in the limelight, there is a lot that needs to be put in place, so that they do not fall out of favor with their fans and the public at large.

One of the major reasons why models are addicted to substances is because of stress. Now, models spend lots of hours undergoing series of preparations.

The reason for this is because they can come out presentable and nice-looking for either a runway or a photo session. So, they need to give it their best shot to ensure it comes out nice.

Now, spending much time getting prepared is often stressful, and models have barely little time to rest.

For the professional ones who have gone far in the industry, their schedules are usually tight, and they might have little ample time to refresh themselves. This is why some of them have been misled to rely on either drugs or alcohol for refreshment.

Truth be told, it feels better at first, but the seemingly positive benefits are only in the short run, because it fades out fast.

Also, another reason why models are addicted is stage-fright and lack of confidence. This particularly happens to runway models.

Some of them find it difficult to face the crowd, and to save their face, they would prefer to take something that would boost their morale. Often times, they take drugs or alcohol to achieve this purpose.


It is very essential for a model to watch his or her health with an Eagle eye. The modelling profession is a very demanding one, and asides the fact that models are expected to exhibit their charisma and charm, their physique is equally important.

When models take healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis, their bodies would definitely perform optimally.

Now, models need to be watchful of what they eat. They can take raw foods and take other nutritious forms of proteins instead of animal fat. It is also beneficial for models to take juices too, because there are lots of nutrients that the stomach takes in.

Basically, food is fuel for our body, being our major energy source. Hence, when our bodies are fueled with the best types of food, they would definitely react in a beneficial way. Therefore, for a model, their skin would become more radiant, their hair would shine, and detoxification would occur more freely.

Asides the physical benefits, taking a healthy diet and regular exercise enhances the mood of a model, which is equally important. For a model, he or she would not experience unpleasant aches that was experienced in the past.

When models go for auditions, clients would typically want to see the best and vibrant side of you. So, it is best for a model to put on a good mood at all times, and a healthy diet with frequent exercise would prevent this.

There are some models who are of the opinion that they need to starve themselves, so that their physique would come out nice.

However, provided you maintain a good diet, or you see a nutritionist for help, you would eat right and have a good stature. The same goes for sticking to an exercise regimen that would help to keep your body in good shape.

To wrap it up, maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly are basic tips that professional models need to follow strictly for a successful career.