Models seem to have everything going on fine for them, what the rest of the world does not know is, a number of them are “big-time” victims of a poor mental health. However on the outside, everything looks glamorous, with some fans even working on replicating their lifestyles in every possible way. The models in question cannot begin to narrate what they have been through for as long as their mental health problem came into play. They understand how important their public image is, and hence, this problem must be concealed at all times.

The mental health of a models is a huge cause for concern, as the modelling industry is one which can create uncertainties and anxieties. For young models who are new in the industry, they must learn now to tackle this head-on, in order to adjust better when the going gets tough.


ENDLESS REJECTION: One of the regular causes of mental health problems in models, is the endless rejection. No matter how good the result is, irrespective of the modelling category, criticism and rejection are bound to occur. This duo regularly affects models and shrinks their confidence, younger models are at greater risk of this.

THE SOCIAL MEDIA: For models, the number of followers on their social media accounts could be hurtful owing to the fact that they are expected to have plethora of followers. A lot of models crave attention from their fans on the social media and once they don’t receive such on a regular diet, the pain starts eating into them, which eventually leads to insecurity.

DISPOSABILITY: Models are aware of the fact that in the modelling world, no one is really indispensable. There would be a time when younger models would replace the older ones, and the cycle goes on and on in the same way. Hence, awaiting when you would no longer be relevant often causes uneasiness. As new faces emerge in the modelling world, the older faces see this as a threat which cannot be combatted, and hence mental health problem sets in.

For successful models in the modelling world, sharing their story and experience openly, would encourage and motivate models who are still actively engaged. Also, models who are struggling with mental health problems are advised to visit a health specialist before it gets out of hand.

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