Substance addiction could also imply substance abuse, since it also means the excessive usage of substance. Substance abuse is simply the act of using a substance without prescription from a medical personnel. It could otherwise be known as drug abuse. Drug abuse is popularly known to be the use of illegal drugs or the excessive use of legal drugs, which results to an overdose and also wrong drug usage.

Drugs in this case is not limited to the antibiotics and pain killers that we are used to. It refers to any substance (with the exemption of food that provides nutritional upkeep) that when smoked, absorbed, injected, inhaled, or consumed through a patch on the skin, or passed through the mouth, is capable of causing a temporary physiological and psychological change in the body system, either negative or positive.

Professional models are popular public performers that are basically engaged in the promotion and advertisement of commercial products and services, through body-part, fashion, fine art, glamour etc. Some of the medications or substance that professional models are liable to get addicted to could include alcohol, heroin, tobacco, cocaine, opioid pain reliever amongst others.


Such addictions as previously listed could be caused by various incidences, some of them could be anxiety depression, pain, chronic illness amongst others. Substance addiction could be very disadvantageous and detrimental for models, as it could lead to public disgrace, bad reputation, trust issues, death etc. Due to the risk of this, models are encouraged and implored to beware of it and consciously regulate the intake of such substance.


In order for models to checkmate this addiction, there are some symptoms that should be consciously checked. Some of them may include, dizziness, fatigue, mood changes, anxiety and depression. In the case of a chronic addiction to drugs and other substances such as alcohol, it might not be quite easy to withdraw from such addiction.

A sudden withdrawal is not advisable as it requires a gradual process, because it is capable of resulting in some life threatening withdrawal symptoms. Sudden withdrawal from substance addiction can create cold and aggressive shivering, sweating, seizures, sudden heart failure etc.

There are also some risk factors that can increase the chances of developing problem with substance abuse, some are long-term tobacco intake, loneliness and boredom, sleeping issues, mental health issues, disability stress and the likes.

It is recommended to seek the services of a Florida Detox Center for help withdrawing from alcohol or drugs. The professionals at a center in Florida, know exactly what to do and are able to medically supervise the whole process.

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